The Ideal And Spiritual Beauty Of Divine Love

The infinite love of the Eternal One is so divinely ideal, absolutely real, gloriously true, eternally good, and spiritually beautiful that when enthroned in one’s heart-and-soul and freely allowed to be liberated in loving and serving others, there occurs an enhancement of emanating beauty, the eyes sparkle with illuminating light, the voice radiates loving tones, the whole person exudes the vibrate love of a continually spiritualizing being; the personality’s appeal is enriched with the spiritual fragrance of divine loveliness, the mind becomes enlightened with selflessness, and the body-temple is healed-free by the extraordinarily beautiful energies of pure love.

The Infinite Creator, who is living truth, divine beauty, and perfect love, has vested these attributes of the divine nature within the heart-of-man; these divine qualities embody supreme ideals and, unfailingly incentivizes the soul to ideally and sincerely love; as the Spirit within leads the way to the idealizing heights of true love, the everlasting beauty, and righteous character of our beloved Creator is delightfully accessible through divine love’s abiding presence, which never ceases to bestow upon us the spiritual affection of the Paradise Creator, who is so exquisitely, perfectly beautiful and, is by far, the uttermost value-ideal ever drawing us upward and inward to the Universal Heart of the Eternal Person.

All self-conscious beings are life-centered and, ever-sustained in the Universal Creator’s master plan of lovingly and beautifully elevating all-souls to the high-destiny of eternally sharing in the Creator’s Paradise perfection; the personalized, and liberating touch of God-as-love overshadows the hearts and encircuits the natures of all moral beings, for the idealistic beauty of infinite love is a divine reality of the highest order and, as we ascend the scale of spiritual living the exalted beauteous ideals of divine love will become increasingly constituted in our spiritualizing nature, eternally co-ordinated and unified in God, who is love.