The Inner Presence Of The Spirit Of Love

There is a central and vital truth that divinely reveals and, spiritually seals our irreplaceable, and priceless existence, namely, we are initially and eternally blessed and endowed by the Infinite One with the divine gifts of personality, faith-vision, and the individuated inner presence of our beloved Creator, whose Spirit of Love is in holy residence within, gloriously functioning in conjunction with the outpoured Spirit of Truth, ever-producing those transformations of grace by impeccable spiritual leadership and, an unparalleled companionship of supernal love, that presently envelops, fills, and overflows through our life-of-heart.

This spiritualizing, harmonizing, and eternalizing innermost presence of the Universal Creator—lovingly rebirthing us in son-daugthership—avails everyone to direct and immediate access to the interior ever-flowing wellspring of unlimited love, moreover, through and by divine love, the human soul is ennobled with a spiritual nature of divine dignity, of which, divine righteousness is the natural fruit of the advancing spirit-born, spirit-led life, tirelessly directed by the love dominated spirit-of-God that now lives inside us; thus, in loving divinely, we increasingly become partakers in the divine nature.

All souls are endeared recipients and heartened reciprocators of the Infinite Creator’s boundless love; the ever-present, inmost loving support, and faithful guidance of the Divine Heart—whose inlying ministry is the perfect guiding love-light—is with whom, we thereby, become divine in destiny; the divinely active, spiritually activating, interior attendance of the Spirit of Love, begets us children of God, and faith candidates for the immortalizing ascent to the central Isle of Light and Life in attainment of the loving, and worshipful recognition of the Universal Father, affectionate realization of the Eternal Mother, and endearing comprehension of the Infinite Spirit; presently, the awakening, spiritualizing, transmuting inner-presence of the Spirit-of-Love grants each soul eternal entrance upon the divined purpose, limitless joys, and fulfilling love of the ascending spiritual life.