From Infinite To Intimate Love-Divine

How heartwarming, awe-inspiring, and soulfully touching to realize that the Eternal One infinitely loves one and all, and is simultaneously, thoroughly intimate with every single soul, graciously inducing the awakened-heart to deeply feel—directly, personally, completely—spiritually loved; these unceasing acts of perfect love by the Universal Creator’s indwelling Spirit presence, ensouled in the superconscious mind, therein, equalizes and individualizes the Infinite Creator’s precious love; this divine love bestowal within every man, woman, and child makes us all the beloved, and cherished children of God.

This profound intimacy of living love brings the soul into universal affinity with the Infinite One, and each other; for in being spirit-minded, and thereby align the heart with the Divine, ever inspires us to love one another in kind—contributing mightily to the impending global sister-brotherhood—accordingly, we are lovingly led to absolutely know, that to bestow love, is to flow and grow love, which is the will of the Eternal Heart, the divine law of true love and, enacts the blessed all-prevailing truth of the moral universe; this divine closeness of creature and Creator, is modeled after the parent-child relation, in which all are reborn in the spirit and, included in the most beautiful ever-growing family of God.

The Essence of Infinity, whose warmhearted divine affection—in individuated spirit form—lives, and ever works by love from our soul-center and spirit-core, and gently moves the personality to love more, to make love soar throughout the totality of relationships; this inseparable companionship of everlasting spirit-bosom closeness with the Divine Heart is the most highly prized, holy, and enthralling of spirit-infused love, and sacred togetherness known and, decidedly, the choice of spirit-soul eternalization rest with the love indwelt personality, all the way to the perfecting goal of attaining the loving Original Personality of the God of infinite and endearing intimate love.


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