Divine Love Calibrates The Heart

Divine love fine-tunes the human heart to a spiritually upbeat, jubilant rhythm, and idealistic beauty; this higher love vibration, ever modulating upward, is the soul’s moral compass and, sure guide, directing those progressive heavenly ascensions in perfecting love, living truth, and unfailing goodness; the Eternal Heart of the Infinite One divinely loves each and every person equally, forever setting the divine measure of universal ethics for the loving interaction of all-beings; thus evolves an all-inclusive cosmic symphony, wherein all-relations, combined, uniquely tunes the cosmos to a unified, all-souls music of the spheres, divinely conducted and, spiritually harmonized to God’s-will-of-love.

Whereas the mortal soul may be rife with a heart beating too fast with fear, or too slow with depression, the all-loving indwelling Spirit constantly adjusts the lovesome heart to a wholesome, Godly expression, whose empowering influence is unceasingly balancing, innately familial, and perpetually acclimates the soul to the spiritual overtones of a love Supreme; the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite of Spirit are the Trinity of Love, forever pulsating the Spirit of Love throughout all reality and, divinely calibrating into synchronous oneness the tensions of creation between the perfect, and perfecting dimensions of infinite love.

Divine love is the eternal gauge whereupon all relationships are swung into universal union, of one accord, purpose, and spiritual allegiance which sets the everlasting integration, spiritual cohesion, and fraternal heartbeat of all God’s children; the Divine Spirit of endless love and, the outpoured Spirit of Truth directs the loving contact of one person to another and, upon the spiritual calibration of the human heart, the Divine Heart of eternal love depends for the totality of cosmic solidarity to prevail, and this encompasses the tremendous mobilization of all-souls, to lovingly resonant with the Eternal Creator, whose infinite, spiritual connective tissue is pure love, ever tuning the human heart.


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