Divine Love Is Ever-Forgiving

The loving person of God through limitless love, makes known the Infinite Creator’s ever-forgiving nature, eternally centered in goodness and, universally, perfectly, and mercifully ministers forgiveness to all beings, which continually improves, and advances our loving relation with the Eternal One and, the entire range of human relationships. Divine forgiveness is inevitable, inherent and inalienable in God’s infinite understanding, and perfect knowledge of all that concerns one’s mistaken judgement, and erroneous choosing, for divine justice is infallible, and eternally fair.

Divine forgiveness does not have to be sought only received, even so, it is only experientially available to the one who in turn also forgives. There is a divine and human synchrony that makes forgiveness ever available in the human heart and, with the full acceptance of divine forgiveness, such numinous forgiving becomes factual in our daily lives, as we in turn learn to forgive one another; what’s more, by wholeheartedly forgiving, we enlarge the soul’s rising capacity for the greater reception of God’s forgiveness of our own misdeeds; to genuinely forgive increases the flow of divine love, which is innately forgiving.

True forgiveness is readily had without penance or sacrifice; inability or unwillingness to forgive discloses one’s immaturity, and failure to attain higher levels of compassion, understanding, and love. Divine forgiveness operates unerringly, for the Universal Creator’s will-of-love has forgiven even before one even thinks to ask, but is unavailable in personal experience until such a time as one also forgives; sincere forgiveness—without casting judgement—brings to light a progressive soul of ennobling righteousness; when we truly forgive others through love, the moral nature unfolds, and grows through all loving relations. The Divine Heart, being the spiritual inner-urge of life itself, bestows upon us an ever-forgiving pure love, that’s founded on understanding, nurtured by unselfish service, and perfected in wisdom.