The Eternal Estate Of Infinite Love

The Universal Creator, by way of infinite love, absolutely desires, endearingly offers, and warmly welcomes each and every soul to an eternal life of spiritual development, intellectual progress, and advancing social service; divine love is forever, and all who may, through faith, can readily embrace the supernal gift of eternalizing survival; the all-merciful, saving grace, and righteous salvation of the cherished soul by the all-loving character of the Divine Heart of God sanctifies and, has established the love-filled reality of living permanence for the family of all-beings, and beckons every earthbound personality to partake in the Creator’s immortal estate, and eternal fitness of all-relations, in the never-ending, and ever-expanding heavenly spheres.

To wholeheartedly embrace the Divine Heart of love and, take delight in the most beautiful, and divinest personality of God, with all one’s adoring heart, is to ever-side with the absolute and, eternal life and light of the Infinite Creator; therefore, by wholly accepting the universal mandate of the timeless indwelling Spirit presence of God, who ever leads the soul on the eternal spiritual ascent to boundless perfection and, whose unceasing inner-ministry, purely spiritualizes the consecrated, eternalizing being, is to be spirit-born and, forever makes one indestructible, ageless, and imperishable—such is the magnificent fate of all God’s children.

The far-flung cosmos of interminable heavenly abodes reveals the Divine Heart’s loving omnipresence, who is gloriously clothed in the vast celestial habiliments of living light, and whose never-ending existence becomes us, as we indelibly mature as spirit-souls; this lovingly bestowed divine gift of eternity, insures the undying life of the personality and, as we choose to enter, serve, and evolve in the all-pervading glory-state of infinite love—whose eternal estate of life and light is ours for the choosing—we are forever made into the very loveliness, spiritual image, and divine likeness of our beloved Creator.