The Selfless Urges Of Divine Love

The powerful urging and deeply purging, ever-flowing movements of infinite love through the soul causes a gradual self-forgetfulness, as one, is lovingly overcome, with the desire to love others as our beloved Creator loves each and everyone; this selfless propensity of divine love redirects and, saves the cherished being from the dangerous levels of self-absorption and, liberates the beloved personality to unselfishly love, productive of enhanced loving service, inspired altruistic self-giving, and a pronounced generosity of spirit that is personally expansive, and collectively progressive.

The transcendently affectionate, and sublimely gentle prompting of the heart, by the indwelling Spirit of love, exhorting one to freely bestow upon others, unreservedly, the potent life-force, and unselfish glories of living love is transformative for all concerned, and follows after the example of the loving character of the perfect person of God, in whom the universal unity of one-love is supreme and, prevails throughout all realms and domains of existence; the spiritual charm of pure love is constantly winning hearts and souls, as the ever free-flowing nature of true love slowly wears away all resistance due to its loving persistence.

The spiritual nudging and divine leading of the combined ministry of the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit is our continual proof that the Divine is not aloof, but actively dwells within the heart of man ever seeking to dynamically bestow itself ad infinitum that all may be eternally, and affectionately held within the infinite bosom of our all-loving Creator; the selfless, and endearing urges of eternal love is at once reflective of the inner Spirit’s benevolent impulses animating one’s treasured heart, thus, to heed the unbroken feed of God’s love is to seed, grow, and bear the abundant fruit of a love divine, for a love hungry world, right now, and for all-time.