Divine Love Multiplies Goodwill

Divine love increases, strengthens, and sustains the positive, heartwarming, heavenly, and altruistic feel of spiritual goodness in the soul, who, as a consequence, shares the spirit fruit of creative goodwill at every opportunity; the Spirit of Love wholly permeates, inspires, and empowers the soul to correct and heal, the unreal, and to co-operatively seal, the truly real, thus setting one’s consenting spiritualizing heart on the attainment of a love ideal, whose love-filled acts contributes to our highest good and, the now-emerging loving manifestation of the universal sister-brotherhood of all-souls.

This beautiful world ever-growing with spirit-born, God-knowing, and God-loving souls of unfailing goodness, unselfish devotion, forgiving tolerance, loving service, undying hope, merciful ministry, and empathetic goodwill, inspired by the pure love of the Divine Heart, shall inevitably sweep away any, and every social ill, and is destined to assuredly fulfill, global peace, planetary unity of spirit-heart, and the everlasting reign of infinite love; this enduring good the indwelling Spirit of love does instill, in each and every individual who is willing and ready to deal, with the outpouring inner-fill of the all-loving Creator’s will.

In coming to know, and learning to be about the Eternal One’s loving will, with developing skill, we shall reveal an augmenting spiritual zeal, and spiritualizing appeal, of understanding affection for our mortal sisters and brothers; divinely touched with the magnificent thrill of true love, the Divine Spirit works within to always distill the real for the mind to congeal, hence, we shall certainly seal, in divine time, this world’s spiritual membership in the grand universe of the Supreme Being’s far-flung cosmic wheel, accordingly, upon everyone’s gifted freewill depends divine love to upsurge, proliferate, escalate, and give rise to a new, far-reaching, progressive revelation of goodwill toward all-people, for presently, we are entering the glorious age of enduring goodness, agape love’s divine ideal.