Divine Love The Supreme Relationship

The supreme relationship with the spirit personage of the Universal Creator, one’s indwelling Divine Spirit, and all beings, centers in and on the perpetual circulation of living love—the spiritual tone, heartfelt feeling, and real nature of all true relations; moreover, the loving regard for all people emulates and demonstrates the warm universal atmosphere of the everywhere affectionate presence of the Infinite Creator, whose beautiful love can never be lost, and is fostered by faith, loving social service, and personal, eternalizing, ever-advancing spiritual intimacy with the Divine Heart of love.

The Creator Absolute governs the universe of universes by the enthralling, irresistible, gentle power of love, the revealed greatest of all spirit realities; likewise, all sustaining relationships throughout existence are built on the foundation of infinite love, and thus all true relations bears the character of the highest consideration, utmost concern, divinest friendship, loving-kindness, and a spiritualizing other-consciousness based on the reverent recognition of the father-motherhood of God, and the loving materialization of the sister-brotherhood of humanity; the sublime inspiration, and divine delight of spirit-born personalities flourishes in the ascending progressive process of ultimately finding perfection in the Creator’s love.

Divine love will one day reign supreme on this very world, and as we steadily evolve, and increasingly civilize under the loving sovereignty of the Creator’s will-of-love, all relations, in truth, are destined to joyously select, creatively project, and reciprocally reflect the divine romance of living and thriving in a love-filled universe dominated by an eternal and infinite love; the Paradise Creator’s pulsating omni-love presence fills all life, and every being, with the heavenly heights, and loving heart of divinely real, spiritually authentic, ever-genuine personal connection, whose truth of love is enshrined in the human heart, therein, ever impressing upon the soul, that divine love is the primary, and supreme relationship in the universe.