Divine Love Stretches The Heart And Expands The Soul

Divine love tenderly stretches the inner-heart of the spirit-soul ever more fully open, to spiritually mobilize, creatively direct, and wholeheartedly channel the all-engulfing dynamic love-flow of the Universal Creator’s intimate spiritual presence, and abiding Essence of Infinity; the Spirit of Love is drawing out, increasingly, the true person of noble heart on gentle demand, to divinely command, an extending bestowal of pure love upon one’s fellows, without restraint or complaint. Infinite love liberates, and strengthens the spiritualizing soul while progressively manifesting the unconditionality of true love, hence, effectively freeing the soul from the pressing inclinations of a grasping self.

The Divine Creator’s absolute love supremely expands the growing, maturing, and spiritizing soul ever toward its ultimate Paradise goal of perfection, and love mastery; the inner-Spirit has affectionately spawned the soul’s spirit birth, and lovingly cultivates the love-child’s eternal makeover in the spiritual image of the Divine Parent; the outstretching ability to purely love continually enlarges, as the love ensouled personality gives ever greater expression to the Spirit of Love that indwells and swells the heart with the divine necessity too love as God so loves.

The spiritual ‘blissipline’ of infinite love mightily galvanizes the cherished heart, and anointed soul beyond selfish zones of isolating comfort, for the Spirit of Love powerfully stretches the heart to higher cosmic levels and, heavenly planes of socializing functionality, even loving service; the Divine within the mind, is sublimely inspiring, and impeccably leading the love infused soul to ever diviner love frontiers and, virtuous relationship adventures predicated on liberally serving the fruits of the spirit: faith, joy, goodness, peace, and love. Thus the stretch of the heart and the expanse of the soul, is love focused and purposed on becoming spiritually whole as the winning goal of divine love—the epitome of the personal spiritual experience of unending, and always growing God-heartedness.