The Sister-Brotherhood Of Love Divine

Presently, in faith-discovering our true relations as ascending sons and daughters of the Universal-Universe Father and the Supreme-Divine Mother, we are spiritually awakened by the heart-opening, spiritizing, transformative realization that all people are our sisters-brothers and, loving one’s neighbors as oneself, encompasses the neighborhood of the whole-world; moreover, whosoever is reborn in the Spirit, comes to know the paramount truth of living is love-centered; the universal watchword is progress and, loving service is the all-pervading unifying way to greatness and perfection, inspiring altruistic motives, and the unselfish acts of an far-flung diversity of unique minds, spirits, and personalities.

Our Primal Ancestor, and Divine Parentage of an all-loving Creator with infinite attributes, and an merciful character rooted in eternal love, created every last one of us as a vital link, and intimate part of the cosmic whole, and heavenly family in eternal, universal, spiritual kinship; the revelatory truth of God as unity and love, even now is breaking all barriers of separateness, and is the foundation, and essential premise of all personality interconnectedness—the Divine Creator Parenthood, and the resultant sister-brotherhood of mankind.

The sister-brotherhood of humanity is an intrinsic unit of the greater cosmic family in total, embodying, and reflecting the Divine Heart of infinite love, of whom, the universal spirit of relatedness is a love Supreme, progressively balanced in living truth, infinite beauty, and eternal goodness, forever established as the familial tenets of all relations and, eternally inspires all souls to wholeheartedly embrace the Spirit of Love, and thus, personify, and exemplify sincere affectionate regard for each other in divine likeness of the Creator’s contact, connection, and approach to all beings. The universal sister-brotherhood of love divine, its time, has now come, God’s will-of-love is being done, we are all one, and so it is, and will ever be.