Universal Love Leads To Eternal Life And Its Infinite Source

The Infinite Creator of eternal light, life, and universal love calls each and every person to freely choose everlasting soul-growth, personality-expansion, and the unspeakable joys of eternity-service—to be perfect as God is perfect; we are lovingly invited to wholeheartedly enter the ascension plan through faith-realization, and advancing spiritualization, in loving partnership with the all-wise Creator’s lovesome Spirit, of which, absolutely leads to the progressive fulfillment of Godlikeness; the inner Spirit of Love determines, and perfectly charts the blessed course to the eternal dwelling place of the Primal Source and Divine Heart-Center of pure love.

The whole-souled choice of eternal survival, and the single-minded continuum of dedicated consecration—“It is my will that God’s will be done.”—to the faith adventure of being piloted to the higher heaven-of-heavens of spiritual life through the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite’s divine ministries of love, truth, beauty, and goodness, assuredly leads to the ultimate attainment of the Divine Heart, who grants unending life to each soul through the gifts of faith vision-power, and the consummate leading of the Creator’s own indwelling Spirit presence; thus, choosing everlasting beingness certainly destines one to become a perfected son or daughter, in whom our beloved Maker will be well pleased.

Sincerely striving to know and follow the divine leading, and perfect guidance of the Spirit of Love with each awakening purposive step to the very pinnacle of the Infinite One of universal love, will keep the soul on cosmic trek to the Eternal Source of living truth; moreover, the inseparable companionship of the indwelling Spirit guarantees our ascending safe passage to the spiritual domains of light and love on high, and the final attainment of the divine paradisiacal residence, wherein, Face-to-face, Heart-to-heart, and Spirit-to-spirit we’ll be forever embosomed in the all-loving eternalizing arms of the God of love.