The Eternal Path Of Righteousness Is Paved With Infinite Love

The ascending heavenly pathways of progressive, and perfecting righteousness is universally paved with energy lanes of light, and life, circulating the outflow and inflow of the eternal encircling of the living truth, divine goodness, and spiritual beauty of infinite love directly from the Divine Heart; whose loving immediacy is ubiquitously bestowed, disseminated, socialized, and personalized for the love of all ascending and descending beings; whether hailing from the imperfect finite realms, or the glorious and perfect domains of Light and Life, the Creator’s way is promulgated in the Divine Harmonics of the Spirit of Love.

We live in a moral, ethical, and friendly universe of universes which establishes the spiritual attitude and conduct of divine respect, loving service, and everlasting goodwill, all stemming from the majestic loving personality of the Universal Creator whose  equal and perfect love for all beings reveals an absolute law, precise justice, merciful goodness, and all-loving approach that is the way of divinity, and exemplifies that the high-road of being, doing, and becoming is always relationally Spirit based; for the divine way is now and forevermore the righteous, correct, and purposive means of attaining divine bearing, and perfection in the ways of truth, according to the Creator’s will.

The all-wise organization, administration, management, and superlative ethical integrity of a well-nigh infinite array of beings is divinely, truly, and purely loved centered; therefore, spiritualizing rectitude, ennobling virtue, progressive high-values, advancing trustworthiness, loving and loyal friend-fellowship, and universal brotherhood compels, and propels our personality performances in exemplification of the perfect values, gracious loving nature, and glorious personality of God; thus, in choosing to side with the moral universe we are identifying, harmonizing, synchronizing with the spiritual wavelength and, divine portrayal of our Creator’s perfect deportment, eternal righteousness, and infinite love that ordains one and all to the incorruptible path and life of divinely principled eternal uprightness.