Present, Perfect, Eternal Love

The everywhere present, existentially perfect, associative unity, beautiful truth, and absolute goodness of eternal love reveals the ever-endearing, and adorable Divine Heart of infinite love who empirically enshrouds the vast cosmos; from the Universal First Creator Personage, through the Infinite Mind circuits, and all-strata of personality, the divine affection is lovingly inhabiting, selflessly coexisting, and with direct enamoring appeal, unremittingly imparts divinity qualities of pure love to the human soul, warmly touching, in loving enfoldment, the whole person; this everlasting, always availing paragon of heavenly love intimately follows, and perfectly takes precedence over all other relationship values—eternal love, eternalizes the cherished soul.

At this very moment of truth, and every holy instant in the eternal past and future, the Paradise Creator’s omnipresent gentle gravity of eternal love is infinitely unfolding, individually, collectively, simultaneously, and totally throughout all creation; the Universal-Eternal-Infinite-Supreme Being, to a person, is personally saturating all existence with the immeasurable generosity of One-Love; never are we alone, separated, nor outside the compassionate reach of the Spirit of Love, for there is a perfection of spiritual ministry at work within the heart-and-soul of every human being, devotedly issuing from the presence of the Divine Spirit resident within one’s mind—who is in untiring, flawless loving relationship at all times.

Our steadfast and love supported faith will ever-increasingly take us more intensively into the dynamic presence, and striking perfection performances of eternal love, whose sublime and glorious everywhere-nearness gracefully enters one’s precious heart-center, wherein the spirits of the Divine Mother provides, and the Universal Father abides, and divinely labors with the love vested soul, expanding co-operatively through every loving act, and progressively orients the personality toward the mastery of cosmic ethics, moral achievement, and the ultimate attainment of everlasting union, and oneness with the Divine Heart of infinite, eternal, ever-present, and perfect love.