The Unconditional Acceptance Of Divine Love

Be assured, no matter the person, we’re absolutely accepted, and divinely embosomed in the gentle, understanding, merciful embrace of the Spirit of Love; no past or present transgression, error, evil, or sin can even slightly diminish the loving and perfect acceptance of God’s infinite love, lovable personality, and lovesome character—such infinity of love, indeed transcends mortal comprehension; whatever our shortcomings, defective condition of mind, or body, the Divine Heart graces each soul with an limitless, all-inclusive and, unshakable personal love, and utterly endeavors to win loving admission and betrothment to one’s in-most heart.

We’re each conceived, received, recognized, and pricelessly valued for all eternity; created, potentialized, and actualized with a divinely gifted unique personality, and an individualized Spirit essence of the Creator’s own infinite and eternal being, whose indwelling presence is pure love, and of whom, rejection or abandonment is not possible, yet, we can choose to disown, deny, or refuse the divine affection, even then, the matchless mercy of the applied love of God will unceasingly continue to suffer the unenlightened, resisting, unconsciousness of the immature soul.

This far-reaching, sweeping, and total acceptance of every single person is forever unwavering, not requiring one to jump through the hoops of ritual means to worthiness, rather, upon the exercised gift of faith depends love divine to find deeper entrance in the soul and, in freely moving through the heart, infinite love develops to startling proportions inwardly and outwardly. Trusting the truth of love, and allowing for its heavenly admittance, gives added proof we’re each unqualifiedly, unreservedly, unequivocally divinely loved, cherished, adored, and unconditionally accepted to the very core of our being; furthermore, the Divine Heart of universal love draws the soul ever upward and inward, leading the way to the pinnacle of perfection, endless progression and, the glories of eternal life, light, and love.