Divine Love Generates And Augments Happiness

True happiness is close at heart, within soul reach, for the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Truth is ensouled, and permeates the mind with the generative spiritual joy of infinite love, which ever augments the hearty, wholesome pleasure, and good-spirits of the inner-person for rejoiced living and jubilant giving. The unifying personality, in accepting as gospel the mastery of love, and the consecration of spiritual alliance, full on happiness arises to higher and more consistent levels of inspirited activation, exulting actualization, and exhilarating service manifestation.

As divine love, truth, beauty, and goodness are integrated, and harmonized in our daily experience, genuine happiness is increased, hence, when released through spiritualized thought, and actionable feelings, the inspired mind, acted upon by spiritual love, cares to spread its shares of jubilation in association and relation with all other souls, thus, even global happiness is multiplied; moreover, the greatest and lasting happiness is ever linked to spiritual growth, and progress; for the joys of the heavenly life, lovingly applied here and now in service of, and for the well-being of our planetary sisters and brothers, proliferates pure happiness for the whole of humanity.

Intelligent, creative, and loving effort steeped in the actuality, and generating power of true love enlarges the capacity and tendency to be happy, for the experiential certitude of the indwelling presence of the Universal Creator of love, ever heightens, and contributes gloriously to enduring happiness; the very pursuit of divine delight in the realization, and collaboration in the Spirit indweller’s supernal light, and all-seeing sight, in and of itself is an experience of joyous spiritual gratification and, expanding happiness of mind, heart-and-soul; what’s more, in wholeheartedly choosing to enter the ascending heavenly realms of the spiritual sovereignty of our Beloved Creator we shall forever abide in the infinite and eternal augmentations of happiness thereof.