Communing With Divine Love

The Infinite Creator of love, through the immediacy of the Self-bestowed inner Divine Presence, desires to share our interior life of heart-and-soul in loving spiritual intimacy, and divine espousal, wherein, we may forever be turned-on and tuned-in to commune with the boundless Spirit of Love in worshipful, prayerful, spontaneous open-hearted communion, share in the glorious adoration of the divine affection, and thereby, experience the warmest joy, increasing happiness, all-embracing truth, wonder-filling beauty, and transcendent goodness founded in the supreme union of personal, heavenly, spiritual interrelations with the all-loving Divine Heart.

The Eternal Creator as love, abides within the heart as an ever-present One-in-one divine gift, tendering a most loving enrapture of spiritual intercourse, wherein we may approach through love the Divine Spirit, and receive the divine fondness in precious communion at all-times; moreover, contacting, feeling, experiencing, and coming to heartily know the inexhaustible pure love of the Spirit Indweller as our imperishable wellspring of Paradise love; thus, the heightened state of loving accord, spiritual closeness, harmonizing affinity, and the deepest of deep, realest of real togetherness with the Divine Heart is our heaven now come and, with Divine will being done, life everlasting has begun.

The Universal Creator as and of infinite love, resides in the core of our hearts, as the essence of being, in absolute givingness, to lovingly foster, endearingly nurture, and devotedly forge an indestructible eternal love bond, endowing the lovesome personality with everlasting perfective relations, wherein the soul is spiritually uplifted, and abundantly cherished, in sublime faithfulness, making possible the endless sacred and supernal atmosphere of reciprocal communion with the indwelling Spirit of Love, whose profound and inspiring love by all-means results in enthused consecration of shared intimacies of true love for and with our fellow mortals, ever productive of loving service, creative outreach, fraternal fellowship, and the global eventuation of sister-brotherhood.