Divine Love Incarnate In The Soul

The indwelling Spirit presence, and individuated portion of the Essence of Infinity, the Gift of Life and Divine Heart of love, is incarnate in the soul, therein, self-bestowed by our Beloved Creator to lovingly lead us to the ultimate goal of complete Spirit identification, eternal oneness and, eternity of creative service; our adoring, inseparable divine companion, and venerable Spirit soul-mate of pure love, is tirelessly pulsating the divine affection of our Universal Father and Supreme Mother, whose all-attractive cosmic truth, infinite beauty, and divine goodness draws us upward and inward to the Eternal Isle of Light and Life, to the very Bosom of Love.

The Divine Spirit embodied in, and collaborative with the sovereign freewill of one’s mind begets the birth of the soul—the heralding inception of moral consciousness—begotten with and in spiritual love; the glorious endowment of the inner residing Spirit of God proposes the divine plan in which we are soulfully, spiritually, and experientially re-created in the beautiful resemblance of the loving character, and spiritual likeness of the Infinite One, forevermore; the Divine Indweller from its incarnated human chrysalis envelopes the soul in eternal love, setting in progressive motion those liberating transformations of being and becoming the perfecting and perfected sons and daughters of God.

The inescapable infinite love of the Divine Spirit incarnate in the soul combines, mentally aligns, and personifies through our personality, who’s cherishing, essential, unceasing, and all-loving thrust is to become us, as we entrust ourselves to its all-wise, supernal, and infallible guidance; this spiritualizing upwardly mobile, ascending divine incarnation of the Spirit of Love leads the soul through all the cosmic training, educational, experiential and, familial relations of the heavenly abodes in loving service, even to the attainment of the perfect recognition-realization, and eternal embrace, heart-to-Heart, of the Source and Center of the First Divine Person of love itself.