The Eternal Outworking Of Infinite Love

From the heights of eternal glory the Creator Absolute and Divine Heart of infinite love—in whom we are all lovingly cherished, and intimately a part—bequeaths a Spirit fragment of love within the mind, and therein affectionately ministers to the soul, whose love is further activated and unfolds as it flows forth through the personality; thus, lovingly fostering the unbroken universal spread of the divine affection of God’s all-inclusive, spiritually heart-caressing love for every man-woman-child, directly, personally, and exclusively.

The Universal Creator’s matchless love, inherently dynamic, naturally outflowing and, is continually growing, as we, similarly, become love bestowing; for this is the nature of real love, it must be shared to be reared, to thrive and be kept alive, for living love is always free, thrilling, creative, and forever moving; hence, if it is only held for one’s self, this will diminish its inexhaustible love wealth, and compromise its individualized health; the Spirit of Love is diffused uniformly in all hearts by the indwelling presence of the Divine Spirit, and in conjunction with the  personality, is unifying the soul powers by the dominance of love.

The eternal outpouring, soul impress, awakening sublimity, and unabating constancy of divine love is necessarily wrought by and through each person’s unfeigned, wholehearted, and intelligent giveaway of true love; the divine affection creates an unselfish urge to genuinely love, and aspire to reveal this irresistible and all-powerful love to one and all, for giving such heavenly love to our fellow earthlings, in loving service to our contemporaries in the flesh, embraces this eternal outworking of infinite love for all mankind, for assuredly, ultimately, humanity will be won to the recognition of the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite’s Supreme love, the greatest of spirit realities, our central truth, and everlasting proof that we are sons and daughters of God.