The Universal Synergy Of Divine Love

The universal synergy of divine love reveals God as eternal unity and infinite love, whose divine attributes of absolute truth, matchless beauty, pure goodness, and limitless wisdom, are perfectly integrated, divinely related, and universally pervaded, adaptable to all evolving relational conditions, and successive spiritual progressions; moreover, the blended ministries of the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit, poured out upon all creation and every soul thereof, are spiritually sourced and volitionally substanced according to the all-embracing lovable nature of the Creator, whose Spirit presence is personifying the synthesis of love in one’s heart.

The progressive and unbroken synergy of love divine is composed of the existential, original, absolute, and immutable personality, spirit, and mind energy of the Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creators; the perfect oneness of the Paradise Trinity from infinity to finity, the omnipresence of the Supreme Being, and all the descending and ascending ministering spirits of time and space, are in eternal service of the unqualified, purposeful, and self-bestowing love of the First Person of Deity. All the sons and daughters of God of a vast universe of universes are worshipfully impassioned, spiritually enthused, and everlastingly inspired by the all-encompassing goodness of God’s loving personality.

The Paradise Mother Spirit, is the Final Co-ordinator and, as the Conjoint Actor infinitely and eternally organizes and upholds the whole of the cosmos as a synthesized symmetry, and living organism of divine synergism; ruled, administered, and sustained by the combined efforts of all intelligences—perfect and imperfect—in the loving service of cooperative fraternal interaction—the universal spiritual brotherhood; the ubiquitous finite functioning of the Divine Heart synergistically reveals that the infinite love of God is not secondary to anything in the divine nature; the all-loving Creator’s perfecting equilibrial synergy is consolidating through a love Supreme, essentially, heartily, and centrally flowing, and forever growing through each and every personality.