Divine Love The Heart Of Consciousness

The spiritizing core dynamic reality of our abiding Spirit presence of the Paradise Creator of love, dwells in the innermost region of one’s mind in the heart of consciousness, associatively ensouled and, unremittingly advancing our spiritual coming-of-age, therein, spiritualizing the thinking centers, and transmuting faithful feelings, to those altruistic revealings, that color all social dealings, even sealing our future fate, with an resurrection date of eternal life, and full membership into the universal family-hood, and cosmic citizenship of the Infinite One.

Spirit dwelt higher consciousness encompasses the greatest good, and eternal truths of a spiritually loving heart, whose divine beauty from the start, is an integral part of our mortal and immortalizing existence; if there is little or no resistance, true love will serve unfailing assistance, in all relations without hesitation, through every tribulation, obligation, and complication; with Divine Spirit at heart-center error resolving, and ever evolving upward and inward through love, all the ascending way to the epicenter of all life, the Eternal Isle of Light, and the attainment of the Original Personality, the First Source Center and bosom of infinite love itself.

Endowed with living love of the truest, realest, purest, divinest, most absolute order—the very Essence of Infinity—we can at any given moment permit, and encourage our pulsating love enthroned Spirit nucleus to mightily, and cooperatively move the whole being into fruitful loving service, thus promoting attitudes of lovingkindness, while fostering, and directing those unstinting bestowals of love upon others, inevitably in service of the realization of sister-brotherhood. Learning to bare our loving heart of super-consciousness fearlessly, creatively, and intelligently before the progressing world of all people we may have the fortune to encounter, we will awaken the spiritual heart-of-man toward a spiritualization of globalization, with divine love at the heart of a planetary unity of consciousness.


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