In Service Of Divine Love

To be in service of divine love is to be born of the Spirit, for contact with the indwelling God-Spirit is facilitated by wholehearted loving service in self-freeing ministry from person-to-persons, hence, simultaneously serving the infinite Creator, which augments our capacity to receive and experience the exquisite joys of the heavenly life right here on earth, yielding the greatest, truest, and most lasting happiness, gratification, and fulfillment. In loving our beloved Creator we increasingly love our fellow man, and loving benevolent service is its natural outcome.

The pathway of love divine is paved with hands and hearts of loving service, establishing the ascending arc to an eternal life of magnanimous, and noble service, ever productive of increasing spiritual jubilation and true liberty; the ennobling deeds, and inspired actions of the soul’s perfecting union with its inner Spirit, are the results of bearing, and not fearing, to harvest the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, goodness, temperance, and steadfast faith in compassionate service, the nature of this altruistic offering of oneself opens the way to the attainments of spiritualizing perfection, for such is the emulation and application of the divine will, encompassing the highest of pleasures beyond all measures.

The ideal life is one of loving service, joining cooperatively in sister-brotherhood, and working for the betterment of humanity; moreover, in finding the God of love within the soul, this triumphant discovery impels one to seek love-filled service association to allow the eternal goodness of true love to overflow in loving bestowal upon any and all people; this wholehearted affection of servicing spiritual love to everyone possible, is attended with the supreme joy and gratitude of fellowship in the ministry of the Spirit of Truth, and the healing-curing, transforming, spiritual benefits reaped, and lovingly served, are forever assured in the service of divine love.