The Supreme Affection Of Divine Love

The affectionate nature, personal nurture, and universal embracement of the Creator Absolute fills the cosmos, the world throughout, and every soul in it with the abiding warmth, gentle closeness, and all-encompassing care of divine love; the tender devotion of the Spirit’s Essence of Infinity can be pleasantly, and gratifyingly heartfelt in the whole of the inner-person, and outwardly realized in the diverse beings and beautiful environs of Mother Earth and, the individual terms of loving endearment is eternal, for we are the ascending sons and daughters of the Infinite One.

The easily approachable, always accessible, forever companionable, and profoundly touching affection of the Eternal One’s spiritual intimacy causes the soul to continually rise in love to higher and higher levels of self-forgetfulness, resulting in heartwarming regard, and increased unselfish service to our fellow man; by delightfully promulgating the Spirit of Love, this loving spirit becomes us as we mature in Godlikeness, for the altruistic nature of divine love stimulates openness of heart, transformations of mind, and expansions of the personality, enabling, and facilitating the interior workings of the Divine Spirt to find increased expression in harmonizing conjunction, and perfecting oneness with each child of God.

The infinitely beautiful and eternally affectionate embrace of our beloved universe and universal Creators inspires ever heightening adoration of our divinely enamored hearts, and cherishing reverence for our Divine Parents, moreover, the essential aspects of the spiritualization process is predicated upon love based relationships that wonderfully, wholeheartedly, and willingly enacts the loving purpose of the First Creative Love Source and Divine Center; the matchless heartwarming affection of divine love, endlessly outpouring from the Universal Father, within and through the grand universe omnipresence of the Supreme Mother, is the key to reality, and the overall perfecting education of the growing soul, enwrapped forevermore in the affectionate glory of God-as-love.


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