Divine Love The Universal Core Value

The First Person of Deity is the bestower of all eternal personality values; from the Original Personality of the Universal Father, the Personality Absolute of the Eternal Son, the Personality Co-ordinator—the Paradise Mother Spirit, and all persons of creation, are to be found the universal core value of divine love that personalizes, individualizes, glorifies, and eternalizes that sublimely intimate, and distinctive relationship between all creatures and Creators alike, making all personalities an end in itself, substantiated, and actualized through the Primal-Heart-Source-Center’s dominant, and greatest comprehensible quintessential attribute, infinite love.

As the all-loving Creator’s personal and perfect beauty of universal reality encompasses the highest absolute spirit values, and meanings equipoised in divine love, on the human plane divinity of values are most apprehended as living truth, idyllic beauty, and eternal goodness, correlated in personality as pure love, divine grace, and unselfish ministry—applied love—ever associable, co-creational, progressively integrated, and dynamically centered in divine love; the very heart of our advancing conceptions, and enlightened realizations of higher spiritual values of shared experience in cosmic morality, ethical appreciation, and righteous works are forever rooted in the universal core value of agape love.

God is love, the life of truth, the eternal reality and infinite source of all true meanings, and supreme values of the purposeful, spiritual, and volitional, thus, we are endowed with the capacity to transmute the essential value of divine love from the bestowed indwelling God-Spirit nucleus into the real meanings of the intellect, and the inspired actions of service-ministry unified in sister-brotherhood, originating and sustained from the highest universal and greatest of values, divine love, our undeniable spiritual birthright, and inheritance. We are divinely loved, each one, from the cherished depths of our heart and soul, and forever, are we, affectionately centered in the eternal universal core value of love divine.