The Infinite And Eternal Delight Of Divine Love

The infinite and eternal delight of divine love is so supremely pleasing that we are thrillingly moved to reach a higher height of loving functionality, as it enthrallingly, and profoundly whets our spiritual appetite, for a broader and deeper scope of cosmic insight, that always leads to those escalating gratifications following achievements of a greater ethical right; as a human neophyte entering upon the transformative path of the indwelling Spirit’s love-light, our mortal night gives way to the perpetual day of an ever perfecting ascending heavenly flight, wherein we become increasingly spiritually erudite in the glorious, and exalting truths that invite, and welcome all to a love filled, exhilarated life jubilantly erupting with altruistic dynamite.

As we blissfully unite with the divine delight of true love, we begin to spiritually ignite a most joyous countenance, and personhood so enchantingly bright, that we ecstatically excite, and happily attract—heart-to-heart, and soul-to-soul—a myriad and sundry array of personalities, providing those far-reaching opportunities to sincerely, and wholeheartedly love outright, while augmenting every loving encounter with the revelation that we’re all endowed with a heart of pure love, even a growing soul site, from which we can rejoicingly, and continually recite the spiritized word, and ebulliently render the loving acts of a joy-filled, gracious, selfless service, as a spiritualizing, progressive, dutiful rite.

As each soul presently becomes distinguishably divina-mite, and purposively tight in engendering the Spirit of Love in harmonious unison with the Spirit of Truth, and learn with our very lives to creatively indite, faithfully, intelligently, and wisely expedite the soul-saving tenets, and ever sustaining reality of love divine, amalgamating with the universal prospective of the Eternal One’s perfect love might, we now put forward and extend a most beautifully pleasing spiritual sight to behold, and experience divine love our infinite and eternal delight.