The Divine Heart Of Infinite Love

The Divine Heart of infinite love contains, and affectionately holds all hearts forever in intimate, and spiritual closeness in the bosom of infinity, the First Person of eternal love is perfectly conscious of, and absolutely embraces every being in the divine enclasp of an all-powerful love, providing everything necessary for the eternal survival and spiritual attainment of each soul, even the wherewithal to love in kind; we truly live in a universe enwrapped in the supernal glories of love—concurrently soul-making in the spiritual image of the God-of-love, and divine beauty—fulfilling the deepest longing of the soul to love, and be loved without end nor limit.

The Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creators generate Supreme love for experiential exchange throughout the time-space realms of finite universality, wherein all souls enjoy the spiritually lavish affection of the divinity of pure love, essential, and inseparable from son-daughtership with our Divine Parents; we exist in a fraternally close-knit, universal spiritual family in which all personalities are given to love as a cosmic ethical requirement of the Divine Heart, who sets the perfect precedent, divinely showing, in loving companionship, ideal ways and creative means of reaching eternal finality of perfected love.

The Divine Heart knows and loves each and every being absolutely, so much so as to give a part of its Spirit of love to live in, and ally with, through all trials and tribulations, assuring one will victoriously emerge loved up, and in relational unity with a universe of beings, who together will effectively outpour love to all souls in perfecting oneness; the soul is held as close to the Divine Heart as possible, and by faithfully forthcoming with this stupendous love for humanity as a whole, the Divine Heart of infinite love ever draws nearer and nearer until we are permanently and perfectly fused in the Spirit of Love.