Divine Love Inspires Boundless Goodwill

Divine love fuels the fire of the spiritualizing soul to continually make good upon its warmhearted thoughtfulness, compassionate integrity, and righteous deeds; person’s of goodwill persistently draw from, and endeavor to stay connected to the Creator’s infinite love and eternal goodness, while exerting noble efforts in loving service, altruistic social progress, charity of heart, and global humanitarianism, demonstrative of the abounding love and good of omnipotent spiritual influences pervading the planet, at-work with all people raising planetary ethics to encompass cosmic dimensions of universal spiritual brotherhood.

The desire to do good too, for, with others, and sharing the benevolence of goodwill in consideration of everyone, is beautifully awakened, divinely illumined, and positively kindled by the adaptive Spirit of Truth, in liaison with the affectionate pressings of the virtuous forces of the Spirit of Love, investing the good-hearted man-woman-child with the moral and ethical courage to be Godlike in all relations, associations, and social performances; presently, as the eternal good absorbs and transforms the temporal bad, rejoice and be gratefully glad, that spiritual goodness is no fad, hence, in divine time people living on this precious earth will certainly choose to be in God’s good spirit forever clad.

Divine love inspires boundless goodwill expressive of the abiding presence of the Creator’s own secreted Spirit emplacement, stimulative of holy rectitude, and the attainment of an ever-progressive, spiritualizing good-character, exemplary of a God-consciousness foreordained to prevail throughout the world—eventuating into the sister-brotherhood of humanity. The higher good in which we treat each other will continue to unify, and anchor our blessed earthly sphere in an ever augmenting goodness of spiritual values, cosmic meanings, and actual facts of living truth—the planet, and every soul, is in the Creator’s embrace, whose perfect will of infinite good envelops all in pure and eternal love.