Divine Love The Soul-Healer And Spirit-Revealer

Divine love is the ultimate soul healer, the superlative Spirit revealer, bringing to light the quintessential characteristic, wherewith, the inner workings of the indwelling Spirit performs its divine labors in the sanctum of the upper mind, and from the sanctity of the spiritual heart, conjoined in perfecting synthesis, with the co-operating personality; the supernal beauty, and affectionate goodness of our Spirit indweller endows one with divinity of potential and capacity to love, be loved, and experience the unending revelations and knowledge of the Universal Creator’s infinite love-nature, and eternally loving relationship with each beloved soul.

Follow the ever active, freely moving, dynamic core energetics of true love to its spiritual Source and Center ensouled within, and therein discover, and divine the heavenly Spirit of love at-work adapting, spiritizing, and transmuting the raw materials of being-hood into Creatorlikeness, while ever seeking to creatively surge, and strikingly emerge in the doings of one’s Spirit becoming; furthermore, whatever the disorder of heart, affliction of soul, or dis-ease of body and mind the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit are divinely operational, ever leading all beings to the pinnacle of wholesomeness, intellectual and spiritual liberation, and the acme of transcended Spirit fusion, and perfected purpose.

How divinely blessed, eternally promising, highly favored, and perfectly loved we all are to be so affectionately indwelt by a Paradise-sent Spirit of pure love; this personally individualized, and uniquely portioned—God Fragment—innermost divine gift of the Universal I AM is absolutely love dominant; the Eternal One’s limitless love intensity, numinously touches the inner-heart unveiling not only the Creator’s infinite love, but also the First Person of Deity’s desire to be spiritually loved, divinely cherished, worshipfully adored, and joyfully revered; the ever-present reality of divine love is undoubtedly our unparalleled soul-healer, and glorious Spirit-revealer, now, and forevermore.