Our Eternal Love Divine

Our eternal love is forever secure, stabilizing, incapable of self-abandonment, and is magnificently divine, absolutely true, supernally holy, immutably infinite, individually unique, and eclipses all other facts; as love-comprehension finds spiritual expression in our lives there is yielded the fruits of divinity: mental peace, social progress, moral gratification, blissful joy, and cosmic wisdom, outgrowing and personalizing from the numinous influences of our Universal Creator Father and Supreme Creative Mother’s awe-inspiring love ensouled in every beloved mortal son and daughter—which we all are.

Our Creator endowed spiritual love is never unforgiving, judgmental, nor selfish in any way, thus, with dynamic loving faith can we always depend on the eternal constancy of the absolute love of the Divine Heart, for we live, move, and have our being in the Eternal One’s love dominated infinity; this all-powerful love sweeping irresistibly through the soul is further awakened when with lucidity of feeling, and spiritual intuition the limitless affection of our Beloved Creator is realized, and optimized; moreover, as we ripen in love we will inevitably see the supreme value of all people in spite of our imperfections.

Our love eternal is with, and upon us every single moment; in triumphantly rising in love divine we will truly come to understand, and abide evermore in loving friendship, tolerant fellowship, fraternal compassion, and love-filled service to our many and varied sisters and brothers, even learning to wisely love our most challenging human family members—including ourselves. In more fully loving our Divine Parents, this wondrous love will progressively prevail, and thrive, heartening every association, and relation, for we are all a part of the eternal circle of divine love that literally lives in, with, and through each soul, personality, and mind for all time, for such is the truth, beauty, and goodness of our eternal love divine.