Divine Love The Supreme Motivator

Divine love, the greatest of all spirit realities, eternally pours forth from the Divine Heart whose cherishing love makes all creation rich in the infusing warmth of divine affection; God-as-love establishes everlasting divinity of relationship directly, and personally, ennobling each irreplaceable, precious soul, and is the highest spiritual motivation sustaining one’s immortalizing Godward ascent with-in-to the Beloved; love is the true basis of wholesome interconnection between personalities, for God-knowing individuals can in truth love another person as they love themselves.

The deeply moving, actuating incentive, and numinous stimulation of divine love, mightily stirs to action those galvanizing, impelling, and transforming spiritual actions generating everlasting joys and satisfactions; behold the amazing love the Creator has bestowed upon us that we are called sons and daughters of God—a phenomenal inspiration to live in divine accord with the Infinite One. The inexpressible generosity, infinite grandeur, and majesty of the Universal Father’s love yearns for the loving association of every created being, while imparting the ultimate life experience, concurrently, prompting, motivating, and encouraging the personality to totally embrace, the highest form of inspiration—the supreme ambition to be Godlike.

The exquisitely beautiful significance of living love in our hearts, is revealed in the divine operations of the Spirit within, whose outcome is that transcendent, and cogent factor in the world-wide realization of the sister-brotherhood of humanity; love divine, fully admitted to the spiritualizing heart yields the greatest of inspirational experiences in liaison with the divine gift of the indwelling God-Spirit; moreover, in embracing the Spirit of Love, the spectacular moving power of pure love becomes ever-more real as we creatively, intelligently, and wisely love; thus, the realization of divine love as the supreme motivator strikingly compels one to activate the potency of its spiritual force, inclusive of living truth, divine beauty, and eternal goodness.