The Inflowing And Outgoing Nature Of Divine Love

The incessant inflow of love divine too and through the human heart is boundless, and everlasting, for infinite love is sourced, and inwardly coursed, by way of the indwelling God-Spirit originating from the eternal wellspring of the Essence of Infinity itself, the First Creative Source and Divine Center of love, the Universal Father; the Infinite Energizer is perpetually effusing love throughout the cosmic realms by way of high descending beings, the personality circuit, the Absolute Mind, and the Universal Mother to all creation; divine love’s outgoing attributes, and applied ministry is multidimensional, and endlessly varied, its loving nature innately desires to be shared, and served, with every love infused nerve.

True love is never static for its omnipresent first cause springs from the perfect volitional personality, and absolute love dominant nature of the God-of-as-love, and is always, in all ways, characterized by constancy of dynamic movement; its internal-external essential circulating quality to flow constant, unimpeded, and in full-force, is necessary for it to creatively thrive, wisely stay alive, and ultimately survive in the realm of human relations, hence, we are divinely called to give love unencumbered wholehearted right of way, while ever remaining faithful to its inner entrustment, that it may be forever ensouled by the necessity of allowing it to beautifully unfold.

The reality of divine love inflowing within all souls is integral to the divine gift of the Spirit presence of God resident in the superconscious mind, and operates according to the inherit propensities of the loving nature of the Paradise Creator, therefore, true love takes after its Primal Source, being intelligently demonstrative, divinely affectionate, fearlessly unreserved, thrillingly lively, wisely sociable, spiritually open-hearted, and as such Godlike, heartily outflowing, lovingly outgoing, and increasingly outpouring, thus, continually forming the basis for sister-brotherhood, and the global realization-actualization of universal fraternal loving service.