Fulfillments Of Divine Love

The initial amazing discovery and experience of divine love within one’s heart, fulfills the deep longing for true love, revealing each soul’s genuine worthiness, and divine heritage—especially when the great relationship of son-daughter-ship with the Universal Father and Supreme Mother is comprehended, and fully embraced—the greater fulfillment actualizes as we share this ever-moving spiritual love in thought, word, and deed as a way of life; this uncontainable love divine, must sincerely flow, unencumbered from the heart, for it to exponentially grow, which is the true nature of love, and the essence of its fulfilling divine affection.

Another splendid fulfillment occurs when divine love’s circulation, and reciprocation lays bare the truth that one is also perpetually loved by the Original Personality through other personalities; in finding God’s love in one’s heart, and through other hearts, we variously ascertain the inexhaustible source of eternal love, moreover, the ongoing search for the Creator is advanced by our liberal and intelligent bestowal of love, that delightfully fulfills those awe-inspiring aha moments of new and greater love to be given, for all true love is from God whose alive, free, thrilling love must past through our personality as we confer this love upon our fellows—the supreme fulfillment.

There is a societal fulfilling—now culminating—when we perceive people all over the world one by one and conjointly bringing the Spirit of Love to bear upon the whole of civilization. In experientially receiving our first true love from the Universal Creator, we realize that the more we approach God through love the greater our reality-actuality becomes—of the highest fulfillingness—when we attune to the Divine Heart we are glorified by the spiritualizing grace of God’s infinite love in whom our fulfillments are unending, eternalized, and progressively consummated in loving service—the ultimate fulfiller.