Divinely Loving Each Other

How beautiful, wonder-filling, and energizing to personally experience being truly loved by our beloved Creator, beyond heresay, and religious theology and, thus having received in the spiritual heart, here and now, the stirring and thrilling truth of the dynamic, outgoing infinite love of the ensouled Divine Spirit—whose very presence is the essence of God’s love—we in turn can forthwith abundantly share this free flowing love with other people; it is not how loving we are today but that we are becoming more love infused day by day and in eternity, that gives us the impetus to patiently, persistently, faithfully exemplify, and learn to love others as God loves each and every personality.

Striving to divinely love others is in the main being Godlike; the Spirit of Truth who directs the loving contact of one person with another, leads each soul through continually adjusting interpretations of relationships, for true love always acts on the ever-changing and broadening concepts of the highest good of any and all individuals who are loved, including every challenge thereof, which serves to strengthen our love endowed heart-muscle, inevitably making the soul more lovely in the process.

Divinely loving others is the cherished path toward increasing love and God-realization, especially in and through loving service, the sure road to greatness, by way of wisely bestowing the goodness of the Spirit—by doing good to others; personifying Godlikeness through loving relations, is essential to living the divine life; by allowing our loving light to so shine brings more love-light into the world, wherefrom, all may eventually see the real beauty of life as its priceless experiential value gloriously spreads throughout the earth, strikingly portraying each soul’s invaluable worth, for divinely loving others activates our spiritual birth toward the eternal goal of the perfection of divine destiny.