The Transcendent Peace Of Divine Love

When we in truth experience the revelation of the eternal stability of infinite love, personally, and know, to the core, that no matter the person—inclusive of any and all imperfections—we’re unconditionally loved by our Creator, it confers a sublime, supernal, and consummate peace of heart and mind, beyond compare, especially as we become aware of the impossibility of being abandoned by the Divine in any way, shape, or form; divine love is inseparable from the truths of life, and inspires the conviction to wisely live lives of peacefulness, progressive peace-makers, and peace-lovers.

The spiritual life evidences the enduring peace of the Spirit in the midst of untold insecurities, and fears of not finding or being loved, such is effectively dispelled by the amazing discovery that the Creator’s love is the supreme inheritance, vouchsafed by our indwelling Spirit, who always bestows the heartfelt realization of the abiding warmth and affection of a perfect and perfecting love, moreover, in choosing, through loving faith, to act in liaison with the Spirit to love, there will be visceral indications, peace will increase, according to our acts of love.

Inner-peace and tranquility is our divine birthright, inspiring transcendental quietude, and centered stillness essential to communion—prayer, worship, and meditation—with our Maker, the source and substance of all true love, ever becoming more real as we learn to feel, and with growing skill, reveal this divinity of peace and love to our fellows, further endowing one with a spiritual composure, serenity, and noble poise, powerfully influencing all-relations, and forces of good for world peace, forthwith, the planet becomes saturated with that transcendent peace of divine love, culminating in the sometime attainment of harmonious global relations, and the ending of all war, wherein, the reign of love ushers in the era of peace and goodwill among all people.