The Creative Mission Of Divine Love

The creative mission of divine love fires up the spiritual imagination with the force and fertility of ideas, and ideals that expands the evolving soul, and enlightens the spiritualizing mind with insightful stimuli, fruitful inspiration, and love-powered motivation, illuminating the innumerable ways in which the infinite and eternal purpose of the Universal Creator may find fluency, and graceful expression in the limitless possibilities of wisely loving, and effectively serving others; this creative and spiritual love confers the individual and collective power to create the imminent spiritual sister-brotherhood of world unity.

Love divine grants visionary power of loving creation to the love inspired heart, on its transcendent journey and quest too, and through the souls of the children of creation, from the Eternal-Heart of the Original First Person of Deity, the infinite love of the Universal I AM endows every personality with the ability, and the divine charge to creatively, inventively, and productively, with spiritual expressiveness, and by every good means, share the supreme value of true love for the betterment of all earthly lives, even extending its mission into ever advancing cosmic citizenry, whereby, a well-nigh unlimited number of personalities will be divinely known through pure love.

The spiritual planetary ministry of the Spirit of Truth, and God’s gifted Spirit indwelling our minds, is ingenious in the enterprise of leading, piloting, and guiding each soul with agape love, supreme wisdom, eternal truth, and infinite goodness into alignment with our divine assignment, and true calling in the doing of the Creator’s will-of-love. As we side, and abide, with the spiritual purpose, and all-pervasive plan of our beloved Universe, and Universal Makers, we harmonize into the inward and upward progression of the heaven-of-heavens, wherein the creative mission of divine love is a veritable actuality expressive of the absolute and infinite potential of the Eternal One’s perfect love.