Fusion With Divine Love

To fuse with divine love is to unite in everlasting oneness with the Universal Creator who is love, through first and foremost making the supreme decision—for survival-unending existence—to wholeheartedly espouse, and unequivocally embrace one’s immortalizing inner-Spirit gift of eternal life through the agency of the soul, by absolutely choosing to ascend the pathway of ever perfecting love and life, hearted in the wise and loving leadings, and progressive plans of the bestowed indwelling Spirit-of-God, who inspires ever advancing service centered in the limitless escalations of spiritual love, while forevermore imparting transforming, and spiritizing actualities to the indwelt personality.

Eternity bonding with our beloved God-Spirit of divine inner-standing, guarantees the indissoluble merging, indestructible amalgamation, and imperishable coalescence of creature and Creator; moreover, there can be no future peril to the eternal existence of such a decisive personality, for this fusion constitutes the mystery of making God and man-woman one, thus revealing the secret of finite evolution, wherein one’s true identity becomes eternally joined with the Spirit of Paradise Deity—the First Source and Center, wedded in eternal union, and divine partnership of inseparable companionship.

When fusion with our inmost Spirit is completed, following the final, and irrevocable choice to live for God, this affords the cherished, ensouled Spirit with the eternal channel for the liberation of the infinite nature, unassailable personality synthesis, and never-ending adventures into the joyful heights of pure love; henceforth, in fusion with one’s Spirit, the Universal Father fulfilled the promise of eternal bestowal of divinity, and consummated the plan of gifting himself to each and every soul. Now begins, with all personalities who have supremely chosen to fuse with their Divine Spirit, the transcendent aim, and ultimate goal to cooperatively realize and actualize the inexhaustible possibilities inherent in this supernal, sublime, and glorious, eternal fusion with the God of love.