Divine Love Grows As It Flows

The Universal Creator’s divine nature is infinite in love, and without intermediaries, endows the human heart with pure love, its essential impulse being that it freely flow in order for its capacity to dynamically grow in and through the soul, hence, we can affectionately show—in doing God’s will-of-love—and unstintingly bestow such genuine and unselfish love; thus, in endeavoring to know and love God, and consciously sow seeds of true love wherever we may chance to go, one’s soul will be evolving into the likeness of an inspirited love dynamo, although, at first this may be very slow, in time we will wholly, spiritually glow with the beautiful inner-light of our Spirit’s inspiring love-might.

To greatly increase the exquisite currency of divine love, it is required, since we are all actually love wired, that we cheerfully release without cease the unconditional love gifted to our hearts, not to possessively hold, but to graciously, energetically unfold, soul-to-soul, and heart-to-heart, moreover, we may creatively start, to play a vital part, in circulating the Spirit of Love in service of the coming universal spiritual sister-brotherhood; divine love’s powerful motivations, and transforming inspirations, continually flows from the Infinite Heart above, on mission and ministry to spread the eternal good through every precious being, consecrated to freeing, the indwelling Spirit’s living love.

God’s loving constancy is infinitely expressive, omnipresent, ever emergent, individualized, integrative, cooperative, an all-embracing love; in accord, everyone is empowered to create a loving, ever expanding love filled synergy, destined to eventually engulf the whole world. We’re each a personal, crucial component of the Universal Creator’s self-bestowing, limitless affection, and eternal circle of love, incarnate in the soul; to liberate this amazing love is to come into the supernal harmony of the way and path of love, ever growing, by the continual flowing of divine love.