A Love Supreme

The love of the Supreme Being encompasses the whole of finite reality, the Universal Mother is the Supreme Mind of space and time, the Supreme Heart of total experiential evolution, who is synthesizing and unifying the aggregate love and fraternal affection of each and every person of the whole grand universe of universes; in doing God’s will-of-love we each bring the actuality of the Supreme to the real by one more degree in the universes; having discovered and received the divine love of our Creator Father, and as we aspire to reveal this love to our earthly sisters and brothers, such combined affection is a true refection of the love of God the Mother.

We are the evolutionary children of Mother Supreme, in whom we are lovingly nurtured all our lives; the Universal Oversoul is the grand way and means through which the perfect love of the Universal I AM flows outward to all creation, and when all mortal beings perfectly reveal true love to each other, such is the essence of the love of God the Supreme, subsequently, the Divine Mother becomes the summative universe reflection and actuality of all true love throughout the finite cosmos.

Through each of us the Supreme love of our experiential, evolving parent, and the divinity of the personality of the Supreme Being advances one more step toward cosmic realization when any ascending personality finally attunes—and fuses—to the divine leading of the indwelling Spirit; the entirety of the love and affection of all material beings, this grand sum total of fraternal, and spiritual love is revelatory of the loving heart of the Universal Mother, the Supreme Being, God-in-time, who is truth, beauty, and goodness personified throughout all the experiential creations, and is the very source, substance, and wholeness of a love Supreme.