The Reign Of Divine Love

The reign of divine love is destined to rise to ascendancy over all lovelessness throughout the world, such is the universal cosmic plan, wherein all forms and features of finite mortal life on earth must and is evolving to perfected levels of loving oneness, all-inclusive of the Creator’s infinite unity and love, for God’s divine will, all-wise, all-powerful, and all-loving rule prevails in every part of the universe of universes, and with divine compassion controls the fate and reckoning of all people with, by, and through absolute love, according to divine law.

Divine love will reign with power through the Almighty Supreme, originating with the perfect sovereign rulership, and eternal purpose of the Universal-Eternal-Infinite Deities; moreover, only true and genuine liberty is harmonious with the rule of love, and planetary sister-brotherhood, hence, the eternal glory, divine beauty, infinite goodness, and living truth of God’s love is on an all-embracing mission of mercy and ministry, the source and substance of the world’s spiritual transformation, and advancement to higher stages of civilization; there is absolute security in the Creator’s love in the midst of all global temporal disharmony.

The dominion of true love is currently arising, upstepping planetary evolution, inexorably becoming the order of the day; each of us are vital contributors to the eventual sovereignty of a love Supreme that will influence, command, and bring forth the Universal Creator’s eternal plan for all creation, for every soul desiring to do God’s will is governed by the righteousness of divine love. All expressions born in spiritual love and nurtured in service is conducive to the realization of love’s planetary perfection; the Creator’s love follows us now and throughout the endless circle of the eternal ages, and in an age to come, even presently, the actuality of divine love will reign upon our precious world.