Indwelt By Divine Love

As the living God cohabits the inner sanctuary of our superconscious mind, we are supernaturally, thereby, indwelt by the absolutely true, phenomenally beautiful, and eternally good spirit of the Universal Creator that is, and as love within us; the numinous loveliness of divine Spirit has taken up holy residence amid and impinging upon one’s higher thinking centers, and is the unfailing repository, spiritual love-force, and pure love-energy source freely streaming, and gracefully outpouring through the welcoming soul, while inundating the heart, and flooding the whole of the life with agape love.

The Infinite One’s divine gift of the indwelling Spirit who is love, exhibits evolving, and experientially growing interior existence in joyful companionship, and personality expression with and by the will, choices, decisions, and faithful determinations to be Godlike, and thus divinely love-like in all matters of the giving heart. The glorious divine image of eternal love, spiritually aglow, and ever illuminating the mind-soul, reflects the Spirit of Love radiating, vibrating, spreading, being and becoming essential aspects of our authentic, spiritualizing, composite selves, validating that we are in truth, the sons and daughters of God, whose undying goodness, urges us on to unselfishly love by altruistically sharing all that is good with others.

Everyone is truly blessed, and inwardly adorned of a heaven-sent Spirit for life, even an eternity; hence, being mortal host, finite vessel, human channel, personality conduit, and conjointly acting in concert with the inner Spirit, we’re activating true love into the full flourishing, and blossoming service of beautifully fraternal, compassionate ministering, loving-friendliness, and sister-brotherhood; from the glorious indwelling of love divine within our very hearts and souls—the awe-inspiring homecoming of divine love—to the unstinted bestowal of love toward, and upon all of one’s fellows, we’re born anew as sincere, advancing, and thriving lovers of God and man.