The Limitless Potential Of Divine Love

The limitless potential of divine love reveals the fathomless infinity and existential reality of the Absolute Heart of the First Source and Center, whose unqualified infinitude, and through perfect self-segmentation into the absolutes of potentiality, the Eternal One’s infinite magnitude, and nature unceasingly actualizes and bestows universal love; what’s more, with the immeasurable expanse of God’s love and divine nurture there is no possibility of end, moreover, the divine gift living within the earthly tabernacle of each and every person is an indestructible, inexhaustible, and interminable Spirit of love that grows as it flows outward and inward in combined experience with the soul.

The Universal Creator is eternally boundless, and undivided in pure love—an immense, unabating love of the most divine and highest order—we need look and feel no further than our own hearts to make direct contact and share in the unmitigated, multitudinous, life-changing bestowal of pure loving Spirit, ceaselessly shed abroad throughout the ever expanding cosmic realms, surging and emerging in the well-nigh countless children and personalities of the universe of universes; this inestimable love endowment of vast, and perpetual abundance, is secured by our whole-souled faith-choice, and persistent dynamic love actions.

We, who now, wholeheartedly receive this undiluted Spirit of Love into our lives have no limit, except our own capacity, in the joint experience and glorious expression of endless love, whose infinite loveliness, and divine affection is everlasting, bottomless, and incapable of being exhausted individually and collectively. We have an unfailing, unlimited, never-ending wherewithal to truly love, and the great promise and inevitability for our world, is the eternal, illimitable establishment, and everlasting reign of love divine on this very planet, presently bound in the hearts of all people by the unbounded presence of God, whose inner spiritual function activates the limitless potential of divine love.