Ascensions In Divine Love

The ascension career of eternal personality, soul, and spiritual progression is always, in all ways, exemplary of ever advancing spiritualization, and never-ending upward adventures in accord with the spiritual aims of the indwelling Spirit, who divinely works with and by pure love in elevating the mind, immortally translating the soul, eternalizing, and transforming temporal human being-ness into a spirit being of divine nature, and character; thus, an endless unfolding, a limitless expanding into ever-widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service on the beckoning heights of boundless attainment. The divine allure of eternal love ever inspires heavenward mobility, the key, let love free, to be, unreservedly, expressive of the Creator’s reality.

Higher and higher planes, domains, and levels of universe and universal spiritual and intellectual education is buttressed, and sanctioned in and with the Creator’s love, which accompanies us through spiritualizing realms, step by loving step, upon the cosmic rung of the ascendant celestial ladder, by mounting degree, and climbing stratums of the heaven of heavens of perfecting purpose, and spiritual ascendancy. Our ascending journey, and spiritizing sojourns, are productive of purposeful movements ever Godward all the way to the Paradise presence, and loving personality of the Universal Creator, in preparation for the joys of eternity service.

Spiritual growth, of everlasting being and becoming, is dependent upon the ascendant soul to unfold according to the Creator’s will-of-love; journeying upward and inward, we find joyful challenge in perfecting our rising daughter-sonship, as ordained by the divine parentage of the Universal Father, and sponsored by our Supreme Mother, following the universal mandate to be perfect as God is perfect, whereby, with ever greater sharing of perfecting love, we embrace the undiminishable affectionate light, and envelopement of loving relationship with God. Ascensions in divine love is predicated on the spiritual necessity of mastering successive levels of Godlikeness.