Touched By Divine Love

Being truly touched by divine love is decidedly life changing, transformative to the eternal degree, and profoundly mind altering, prompting an awakening metamorphosis demonstrative of our inexhaustible spirit and spiritizing potential; the master touch of the Creator’s divine affection engages and moves the faith-hearted into the spiritually enwrapping experience of worshipful feelings, deep gratitude, and profuse thanksgiving; infinite love bears upon and enjoins the soul in holy embrace all the way to the attainment of the Absolute Source and Eternal Heart Center of that selfsame love.

As the Creator’s benign spirit hand touches, and lovingly tunes our spiritual heartstrings we’re blissfully moved to climatic heights of divine happiness; these warmly touching spiritual sensations of heavenly, and divinely tactile contact in and through the mind, body, and soul, ministers us into the divinity realms of God-as-love consciousness; from Spirit’s touch to embrace to fusion into Godlikeness, we’re spiritualizing, and actualizing oneness with love, becoming one people, even the universality of spiritual brotherhood, and unending advancement into the coming frontiers of the reign of love on earth as it is in heaven.

The Spirit of Love so touches the heart with spiritual affection that we similarly desire to affect, reach out, and flow forth this amazing love all around, everywhere, that others may also discover the Creator’s loving touch within their own heart and share it in kind; intimately cherished, and soulfully touched by the  tender, gentle, soothing pure love of the Spirit incarnate, we here and now rendezvous in the collective embodiment of universal love for all time. This divinely touching love grows, expands, and deepens in allowing it to freely move through the heart unencumbered, hence, each and every person is beautifully touched by divine love, all are eternally blessed, for in God’s love we all live, move, and have our being.