The Compelling Power Of Divine Love

The loving nature of the Creator, through the great universal circuit of love, procures the adoration of all beings by the compelling power of divine love, in a spiritual manner that is highly personal, and uniquely exclusive, ever functioning free of the actions or reactions of other people, while profoundly enhancing the power to love and be loved, furthermore, leading all such love-born personalities into the supernal delights of unending loving service. What a triumph of love of the eternal plan and purpose of God that one’s intelligent love should give such full satisfaction to the pure-heart of the Creator Absolute.

This transcendent urge and spiritual call to true love is our closest, dearest, and most precious way to relate to the Beloved, our Gift of Life, spirit, and personality bestower; who with, in partnership of faith, we ascend to eternal goodness by and through love; the Universal Creator’s tender nature is eternally motivated in infinite expression, even having the greatest satisfaction in loving and being loved. This all-powerful love, and limitless affection that sweeps irresistibly through the soul is the greatest of all spirit realities, ultimately becoming our central truth.

The Paradise Creator, infinite in love, commands a universe of universes by an impelling omnipotent love—the supreme relationship, destined to eventually win all humanity to the realization that love is the greatest thing in the universe; moreover, with heavenly joy, we find fulfillment in sharing the Spirit of Love in service of the Creator’s will-of-love, henceforth, becoming evermore eternalized in actuality—the more one approaches God through love, the greater the reality that person grows to be. The I AM is so trusting, and loving, as to gift a portion of the divine nature within our hearts for safekeeping and self-realization, such is the transformative, magnificent compelling power of divine love.