The Boundless Delight Of Divine Love

The boundless delight of divine love brings forth the endless joys of experienceable spirit; with heavenly felicity enhanced and expanded with spiritual sight, we can happily begin to distinguish what’s truly right, from the perspective of a universal morality, illumined in the all-pervasive, personable love of the Eternal One’s light; this mounting cosmic, and supreme pleasure of gladding insight, sparks, and inspires a glorious rejoicing in which exultant happiness positively causes our lives to beautifully ignite, and with holy glee, inspired are we, to reach those ebullient planes of blissful love, by jubilant service, all the way to infinite love’s paradisiacal height.

The enthralling, all encompassing divine rapture of the limitless oversight of eternal love, is forever leading humanity joyously aright with augmenting spiritual might; the indwelling Spirit’s loving impulse transports each soul by altruistic flight from the spiritualizing lowlands of the finite; as spiritual neophytes—with great elation, and worshipful gratitude—unite with the Creator’s will-of-love, inspirited with overjoyed hearts, our souls quake and reverberate with jubilation, for within our very hearts and minds the ever-present Spirit so lovingly writes, truth revelations of spiritual liberation exalting the glory, and rejoicement of living divinely upright.

Every evolving soul site is bursting to give the exuberant love activations of the indwelling Spirit presence of the Gift of Life, making each heart-center so spiritually, and radiantly bright; energized with high spirits, and good cheer, enthused to hold dear our beloved Creator ever so near, we’re increasing our growing appetite to buoyantly share true love outright, to help relieve and make lite the burdens of our earthly sisters and brothers plight; endowed with a Godly love so dynamite, we shall ecstatically serve to expedite, the thrill of the will of the Universal Father, Eternal Mother-Son, and Infinite Spirit’s divine love of boundless delight.