Divine Love The Eternal Bond

The eternal bonding of divine love is absolutely innate to the Gift of Life, it is the constitutive reality, and supreme attribute of the personality of the Eternal One in acting directly, personally, and lovingly with all souls—whose love assurance is immutable; the Universal Creator and Absolute Center of infinite love has placed an individualized portion of the Essence of Infinity in every person, whose loving Spirit, resident within our very minds, insures the soul’s survival, and immortal life; the Infinite Upholder has established, and forever sustains the indestructible grounds for eternal union—our bond of everlasting love with the First Person of Deity is eternally sealed.

The unchangeable perfection of God’s love eternally guarantees that the integrity of one’s being will be secured and stabilized—throughout constant change, and growth—in an ever spiritualizing oneness of unceasing, progressive ascending life, with every step of our Paradise ascent overflowing with loving grace; emulating the will of the Divine we maintain our abiding life-line by learning to love in kind, thus becoming evermore perfect as our beloved Creator designed, and with ever enhancing spirit vision we’ll see how phenomenally blessed are we to be forever embraced in the heart of the Universal I AM for eternity.

Our trusting faith-insight—spiritual intuition, will most certainly reveal the inevitability of the soul to be bonded in eternal unity with the Infinite One, for such is the universal offering, predicated upon the supreme choice to be in wholehearted allegiance with the Creator’s will-of-love. This unassailable promise of soul keeping in everlasting union, and personality-spirit synthesis with the Universal Father, can only be jeopardized by the sovereignty of one’s will to decide otherwise. Divine love is the eternal bond leading us above and beyond as we faithfully respond to God’s purpose and plan of unending existence.