The Religion Of Divine Love

The religion of divine love is heart-centered in the personal spiritual experience one has with the ever-present God of eternal love, who is the source, substance, and bestower of infinite love, whose divine impulses ever leads one to the everlasting fount of absolute love. The love for God is religion, and through faith-insight, spiritual intuition, we are lovingly drawn into worshipful, prayerful, communion with the Eternal. Love is the essence of religion and the wellspring of a more enlightened humanity; true religion is a vibrant living love, a life of ennobling service.

Divine love supplies the soil for the living experience of religious-spiritual growth, the unfoldment of which is fostered in supremely loving the Universal Creator, and in the unselfish love of one whose life is motivated by truth, dominated by love, and faith-centered in the I AM. True spiritual development is demonstrative of a personality pulsing with spiritual love further activated by altruistic ministry. The totality of selfhood culminates in the devout faithfulness of loving God and serving others. Faith and love reveals the Spirit in the soul, and revealed religion lays increasing emphasis on divinely loving.

As we embrace the Infinite of love, and dedicate ourselves to the wholehearted service of sister-brotherhood, true love thus grows. The religion of love discloses an all-loving Creator to be worshiped and loved, who is the most beautiful of presences, the absolute truth, the greatest love of all, and the perfect good, who unifies the soul powers of the personality by the dominance of love; loving faith is the method of religion—the Divine is loved in order to be known; hence, faith-insights, and spiritual motivations lead directly to religious actions—loving acts of social service and altruistic benevolence, bringing into being the brotherhood of the spirit. Faith vitalizes the religion of divine love.