Divine Love Essence Of The Golden Rule

Divine love is the essence of the golden rule, and true religion; to love our neighbor as ourself—doing to others as we desire them to do to us—is of a brotherly love, presently, the ethical consciousness of humanity, through revelation, provides spiritual insight of a higher, and truer spiritual interpretation of the love and law of conduct of universal relationship, wherein we love each other as our Creator loves us. Wholehearted social service, unselfish devotion benefiting the well-being of others, and loving-friendliness obtains to its highest levels, as we love from God’s perspective, elevating the rule of living to the supreme realization of sister-brotherhood.

The golden rule of human fairness, through faith and Godly love, attains degrees of loving devotion that immeasurably transcend the limitations of brotherly love; progressive revelations of the rule of living reveals the upper echelons of fraternal idealism, the virtue of profound self-respect, the eternal fitness of human relationships, recognition of the divine directive, and universal ideal of the rule of life—to treat everyone as we conceive God would treat them—which becomes our attitude toward all interrelationship challenges when our supreme desire is ever to do God’s will-of-love—the greatest conception of moral obligation for all cosmic relations.

As we increasingly become Spirit led, deeply experiencing being divinely loved, perceiving true spiritual meanings, and spirit of the truth of a divine declaration to love the best in all people, even bearing, and sharing in alleviating the weight and stresses of one another’s earthly existence, we thereby are raising considerably that quality of social intercourse indispensable to living the more spiritual rule of life—to share the highest possible good in person-to-person contact, divine love the essence of the golden rule, now comes to be the wise center and circumference of all one’s philosophy.