The Awakening Of Divine Love

The awakening of divine love is transpiring throughout the planet giving birth to a new day, a new earth, a new way of loving; opening the eyes of our heart-awareness we find a more perfect love functioning within the superconscious soul-mind seeking personality expression; rejoice, humanity is becoming evermore heart-centered, a rising spiritual consciousness of fraternal feelings for others are emerging as God’s love takes center stage, spiritualizing and idealizing the human heart, revealing the supreme value of wholeheartedly loving our fellow earthlings.

There is a heart-swell of love enlightenment—the darkness of lovelessness is being dispelled by the light of love—enlarging our capacity, and endeavor to love, and serve all people divinely with the fullness of a rousing, electrifying pure love, which is cause for world transformation, and epochal change, even altering forever mankind’s selfish gene, calling forth metamorphosing realizations of divine concepts for the progressive spiritual advancement of civilization. The impress of love divine made upon one’s heart issues from the loving constancy of the indwelling Spirit in combined ministry with the Spirit of Truth, these spirit influences resident in the higher-mind embraces the awakening soul in the sublimity, and grandeur of infinite love.

The heart-conscious are coming alive to the wakened state of love emerging from the interior activities of our realest and deepest self; continual revelations of true love, paramount to our moral consciousness, and spiritualizing works, creates a spiritual reflex to love as our Creator loves; humankind is being transfigured as the dawning of spiritual love elevates us to higher planes, and empowers every person to courageously love in spite of oneself; eternal love is breathing new life into our hearts, deeply instilling in the awoken vivified soul the universal necessity too love, and God-service, and thus love-wise, exponentially proliferating the awakening of divine love.