The Glorious Expanse Of Divine Love

The glorious expanse of divine love pervades, and is unified on all levels and phases of reality: universal, eternal, infinite, supreme, ultimate, absolute, finite, transcendental, and pure spirit. In other words the living heart-print of the pure love of God is immanently omnipresent, intimately boundless, forever unfailing in enfolding, and filling all existence with inexhaustible potential for unending creative augmentation, and ceaseless manifestation. No living being exist without the glorifying expanding touch of the Creator’s perfect love. We are all sublimely enveloped, eminently embraced, and superbly immersed in the all-in-all love of God.

We who inhabit the time-space realms are bearing witness, as participates, in the evolving experience of the indomitable growth, and sweeping expansions of love, ad infinitum, presently in divine process throughout the finite domains, destined for eventual perfection; this truly reflects the tremendous saturating love of the Universal Mother-Supreme Being, whose Deity is the grand cosmic body through which the love of the Paradise Father flows outward to all creation; this spectacular numinosity, limitless kaleidoscopic, unfathomable multidimensionality, and spiritual glory of absolute love reveals the exquisite divinity, matchless greatness, and unqualified goodness of our most dearly beloved, super-amazing, all-loving Creator.

The profoundly ennobling, utterly spiritualizing, heavenly magnificence of the immeasurable Spirit of Love extending from our Universal-Eternal-Infinite-Supreme parentage, is intrinsically constitutive in the very fabric, and heart of existence; as we worshipfully glorify the God of love through the personality circuit, and our indwelling Spirit gift, we as children of God, are spirit born for cosmic adaptation, to mightily reverberate, loyally magnify, and joyously spread, the everywhere beautiful, wonder-filling presence, and infinite range of true love, personally, relationally, and collectively actualizing on earth, as in heaven, the glorious expanse of divine love, resulting in its planetary, and universal perfection in the coming spiritual age of light and life.